Let's Grow


 Your hair wants to grow so... what’s the problem?


In order experiences optimal hair growth, you must treat your hair properly to allow your hair the environment it needs to be happy and grow stress free! Here are some steps to start you on your way to a healthy hair routine that will provide your hair with the conditions it needs to flourish.
1. PATIENCE!!! Remember that hair can't grow overnight. Although overnight hair would be great, healthy hair typically grows about a quarter of an inch to a half an inch max monthly & that's only if it is super-healthy and doesn't have a ton of split ends!

2. Low manipulation/ low tension styles are key to retaining length & preventing damage. Simple styles that require low manipulation on your hair is key to protecting your hair from unnecessarily damage that prevents your hair from retaining length.


3. Just like everything else your hair needs nourishment to grow. Apply the Grow and Nourish Hair Oil regularly so that your hair receives all the key nutrients needed to.

4. Scalp massage. After applying Grow and Nourish Oil to you scalp use the pads of your fingertips to gently massage your scalp in a circular motion for 1-2 minutes. Be sure not to scratch your scalp because this can create tiny cuts that can slow or inhibit hair growth. For areas with thinning hair, massage for 2-5 minutes after oiling to provide that area with a better blood flow and circulation.


5. Get your split ends trimmed regularly. Although regular trims won't make your hair grow faster, it will keep hair looking healthy and prevent damage from working its way up strands of your hair. Trims are recommended to be done by a professional hair stylist every 3-6 months.


6. Switch to satin. Satin scarfs and pillow prevent friction caused by regular woven cotton ones that result in damage.


7. Cold water. Do cold-water rinses on wash days while rinsing out your conditioner to smooth and seal the hair follicle, preventing moisture loss, snags and heat damage.

REMEMBER if you give your hair what it needs to thrive you will ultimately achieve your desired results !!!