Q: Who can use Grow and Nourish Hair Oil?

ANSWER: Males, females, and children of all ethnicities can use our oil. The products can be applied to all hair textures (natural/relaxed), lengths and styles (extensions, braids, color treated hair, dreadlocks etc.). Researching the ingredients is highly recommended. A skin patch test for a week prior to regular use is recommended to rule out any skin sensitivity or adverse reaction.


Q: What are the benefits of Grow and Nourish Hair Oil?

ANSWER:  We use essential and carrier oils to target some of the most troubling issues to date: lack of moisture, thinning or shedding hair (not attributed to any major health issues), dry/split ends, managing texture variations in the hair, lack of NATURAL shine, dandruff/itchy scalp. Our oil penetrates the scalp and the hair follicle to assist in addressing, maybe even correcting some of these issues


Q: How can the oil be used?

ANSWER: You can use the oil topically, in a treatment form, and can even be used to stimulate growth in men's beards. Depending on your individual need, the oil can be added to a conditioning treatment of choice, as a hot oil treatment or used on a day to day basis by treating with massage (this stimulates areas of concern) ends sealant even taming fly-a-ways! This hair oil is highly absorbent without a "weighed down" effect. Be mindful with any oil, portion control is important until you have become comfortable with how to incorporate the blend into your personal regimen.


Q: Will this oil help if I have a pre-existing health or medical condition?

ANSWER: It is advised to research our ingredients on the website and discuss any product use and ingredients with your doctor. You must make your own assessment if you choose to try our oil. Keep in mind, many medications for health-related issues have hair loss or thinning as a side effect. We make no claims of effectiveness as results will vary.


Q: Can I use the products if I am pregnant or nursing?

ANSWER: The blend is all-natural with no artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals. Essential oils can travel to the bloodstream with consistent use. It is advised to research all ingredients listed in detail on the website, even discussing the use and ingredients with your physician. Peace of mind is important. To utilize would be strictly to the consumer's discretion.


Q: How often should I apply the oil?

ANSWER: Practice portion control depending on how you style your hair. Fingertip to drop size amounts for normal hair, scalp, or beard maintenance. Your body heat will disperse the oil over all areas without a greasy residue being left behind. Daily use is fine or every other day. This depends on what your hair goals are and how consistent you plan to be with your regimen. Conditioning/hot oil treatments (quarter to half a teaspoon) amount of oil is good. There is no set way to use the oil find what works for you. Results vary.


Q: When should I expect results?

ANSWER: Everyone responds differently to the use of Grow and Nourish Hair Oil, from edge repair to hydration, and follicle stimulation. Your consistency plays a major role in your results.


Q: Can I return the product(s) if I am dissatisfied with the results?

ANSWER: We do not accept returns. Results vary on a person to person basis. We strongly suggest assessing your current hair condition, reading the ingredient list to determine if our oil is suitable for you. Staying consistent will encourage healthier hair and scalp.


Q: Can your oil be used on damaged, bleached hair and split ends?

ANSWER: Absolutely, our oil assist with hair repair and helps restore the hair to a healthier state bringing moisture, texture management, split end prevention, scalp health and strength to hair follicle.


Q: Where can I purchase oil?

ANSWER: Online only. www.Grow-oil.com. We do not have any retail suppliers.


Q: Do you offer International shipping?

ANSWER: We offer "Express Mail Services" from the U.S. Postal Service. Fees start at $45 US dollars and up. Custom fees also apply when the package arrives in your country. We encourage getting other interested parties to share these costs.


Q: I tracked my order and it says “Delivered” but I never received it?

ANSWER: You have the option to purchase Signature Confirmation at the time you place your order. This provides extra security for your package where you must visit the post office in your area to retrieve the package once you sign for it. Standard Priority Mail the package will deliver to the address provided left at the front door or mailbox if the package fits. If the consumer does not receive the package yet it is scanned in the system with a date and time of delivery, Grow and Nourish LLC is (not) responsible for a refund or replacement. ONCE YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN YOUR TRACKING NUMBER VIA EMAIL FOLLOW ALL TRANSIT ACTIVITY CLOSELY FROM THE SHIP DATE TO THE DELIVERY ESTIMATED DATE. BY DOING SO, IF THERE ARE ANY DISCREPENCIES YOU ARE ABLE TO CONTACT YOUR LOCAL POST OFFICE IMMEDIATELY FOR ASSISTANCE!