How to use

*Always Patch test before use to avoid any allergic reactions*

*Shake Well Before Each Use*


For Daily Moisturizing Regimen 

Apply 8-10 drops throughout scalp and gently massage into the scalp for 2-3 minutes. Apply 3-5 drops (depending on the length of the hair) in the palm of hand and distribute down the hair shaft. Repeat steps 2-3 times a week.


 As an End Sealant /Protector

 Lightly mist ends of hair with water then apply 1- 2 drops to your ends every other day to help seal and protect.


As a Blow Drying Aid/Protectant

Apply 2-4 drops (depending on length of hair) of oil to the palms of the hands, rub together and disperse throughout damp hair prior to blow drying.


 Hot Oil Treatment

Apply Oil throughout hair from roots to ends, cover the hair with a plastic cap and let sit for a minimum of 15 minutes. To enhance treatment sit under a hooded dryer, heating cap, steamer, or cover with a warm towel. After treatment shampoo hair as normal. 



*Warning: If pregnant, nursing, or have any medical conditions please consult your healthcare professional prior to use*

*External Use Only*